Second Training Course of the project “Participation and Citizenship”

On the 4th of April 2022, ALA started the second Training Course of the project “Participation and Citizenship” in Yerevan, Armenia. The aim of the TC was to promote, support minority young people in diversity promotion activities, strengthen their presence in European programs, and train them to promote their cultural values, as well as the values of European citizenship in their groups.

The participants from 10 countries (Luxembourg, Armenia, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Romania) got a chance to get to know each other through non-formal activities. The second training in Yerevan was dedicated to the “Digital citizenship” with a special focus on media literacy, internet safety rules, GDPR, Creative commons and many more. Participants practiced different stages of online campaigning, posted their creativity by doodling the topic-related terms.

The project was finalized with a project development session, where participants were introduced to the concepts of the Problem Tree and Solution Tree analysis tools. Participants from the first part of the project presented their homework activities that were inspiring for the newcomers to take more action for the involvement of local young people in a social life as decision makers.

During the TC participants had an opportunity also to discover about the reality and culture of Armenia. On the 9th of April the group visited the “Mashtots park” which is known for success stories in civic activism. At the park the trainers presented the background and results of protests in 2012 in Yerevan (the movement was initiated by civic activists and saved a park in the heart of Yerevan).

The project “Participation and Citizenship” is organized by the Amitiés Luxembourg – Arménie a.s.b.l., hosted by WIYU-Armenia World Independent Youth Union NGO and financed by the Erasmus+ Programme, Luxembourgish National Agency – Anefore.