Long-Term Project

The main aim of the long term project CommunicART was to foster non-violent communication in the educational process addressing current challenges such as intercultural dialogue in the work with people coming from rural areas or preventing radicalization of young people through such forms of art as music and drama as one of the most effective tools that can be used in this context. The project was organized by the Amities Luxembourg – Armenie a.s.b.l. and financed by the Erasmus+ Programme, Luxembourgish National Agency – Anefore.

The project CommunicART consisted of 2 parts:

  1. Training Course “CommunicArt” took place in Yerevan, Armenia on February 16 – 24. Participants were youth workers from Luxembourg, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Russia, Hungary, Albania, Latvia, Netherlands and Poland.
  2. Youth exchange “CommunicART” took place in Luxembourg, Luxembourg on March 23-31. Participants were young people from Poland, Luxembourg, Russian Federation, Armenia, Greece and Netherlands.

The main objectives were:

-promote active participation of youth by creating a common platform for intercultural dialogue preparing and implementing performance in a diverse intercultural group;

-To present community involvement as an efficient anti-radicalization tool;

-To explore different forms of artistic expression such as music and drama that can serve to build a non-violent communication process and prevention of radicalization;

-To reflect on the effects of nonverbal communication, and how it’s linked with personal attitudes;

-To explore what non-violent communication is, its features and ways to ensure it in different youth work settings;

-To discover different layers of meaningful communication: rational, emotional and kinesthetic and to experience them;

– To self-explore feelings and emotions and learn about the ways to clearly express them.