WomInPower Project Results

The project WomInPower consisted of three parts and two mobilities:

1. Training Course in Luxembourg, Luxembourg in 23 November – 02 December 2019.

2. The homework period – period of implementation of local initiatives of participants.

3. Seminar in Yerevan, Armenia in 08 – 15 April 2020.

In the globalizing world, societies disposing of a different culture in terms of gender equality, from one side to meet the minimum of human rights, that should be guaranteed by the international documents, from the other side they are sure that have absolute right to determine where the “place of women” is. This covers all spears of life of any woman: maternity, employment, studies, divorce, entertainment, the autonomy and rights of women. Empowerment should be on different levels: at the individual level, to support the creation of their autonomy and economic independence, and on the social level, to promote their equal access to political, social power and to the power enabling the forming of opinion. We are sure that the process of empowerment should be started by the youth workers, and our project idea is to support them in this.

We are a group of young people from 9 Program and Partner countries: Luxembourg, Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, UK and Belarus and we are interested to promote young women entrepreneurship by empowering youth workers from different countries with project development and implementation competences. Our aim is to create awareness regarding issues faced by women entrepreneurs and suggest ways of addressing these challenges. Accordingly, the objectives of the project were:

– To promote women entrepreneurship as a tool for economic independence and gender equality;

– To maintain the importance of initiatives for developing projects out of dreams;

– To encourage youth workers to promote the idea of women entrepreneurship;

– To equip youth educators with knowledge and skills necessary to train business planning and implementation tools.

The manual created during the project can be downloaded here.

Speakers appearing in the video: Elisa Sarchi (Italy), Maria Gonçalves (Portugal), Ana Lopes (Portugal)