“Participation and Citizenship”

The aim of the project `Participation and citizenship ” is to promote, support minority young people in diversity promotion activities, strengthen their presence in European programs, and train them to promote their cultural values, as well as the values of European citizenship in their groups

The training courses consist of 2 parts:

The first part of the training course took place in Luxembourg, Luxembourg on 6-15 December. Participants were youth workers from Romania,Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Cyprus.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To raise the quality of education for citizenship and improve active participation of young people in European youth work;
  • To bring the concept of European Citizenship closer to the spaces that youth work offers for young people to learn to be part of society, and to update them with relevant information and know-how for youth workers and educators.
  • To discuss and to underline the role of the NGOs and young people on the process of active participation, consolidation and effective citizenship;
  • To promote partnerships between the different actors involved in education for citizenship and to work out a framework of concepts for education for citizenship together with terminology and to identify skills required for democratic practices in European youth work.
  • To raise awareness about the ethnic minorities that don’t have their independent states in the frame of the collective dimension of citizenship;
  • To develop a set of guidelines describing the basic skills required for effective citizenship, translation and dissemination of them in 10 involved countries.

Group discussion on the issue of human rights